Exhibitions terms & conditions

IRO organises participation with Holland pavilions on several major oil & gas exhibitions like OTC (Houston), Offshore Europe (Aberdeen) and ONS (Stavanger). Participation is also organised for a number of smaller oil and gas exhibitions worldwide. For an overview of the exhibitions IRO participates in go to Calendar.

General information on participation via IRO

Every year IRO co-ordinates several Dutch group participations at international oil and gas exhibitions throughout the world. The selection of exhibitions is made by IRO’s Committee on Commercial and Financial Affairs under the criteria whether it is an oil & gas show and whether the region on which the exhibition focuses is interesting enough for Dutch companies. An important criteria is also the interest shown by companies during meetings, visits, the annual exhibition survey and so on. In this way, participation in well-known and established, as well as in promising exhibitions is possible.

IRO has a strong history in organising participations in international exhibitions. Any discount that IRO as national pavilion organiser receives, is settled with the prices charged to participants. Prices differ for each exhibition, varying with the square metre prices charged by the exhibition organisers and the costs for stand construction.

Participation in Dutch pavilion

There are several ways to participate in the Dutch pavilion:

  • Space and standard stand design (minimum size 9 square metres)
    Included in the price are the number of square metres, stand construction (with a Holland look), lounge facilities and the comfort of contracting out the bureaucracy.
  • Raw space in the Dutch pavilion (minimum size 20 square metres)
    Included in the price are the number of square metres and the comfort of contracting out the bureaucracy. Lounge facilities are optional.
  • Within the IRO booth
    There are several ways of participating within the IRO booth.
    The common three are:
  • Brochures (two different types per company)
  • Brochures and panel (90 cm by 90 cm)
  • Brochures, panel and personnel
    For other possibilities (e.g. exhibition of models), please contact Exhibitions Manager Wasilika Pupovac-Moutzouridis at w.pupovac@iro.nl or tel: +31 79 3411981.

Conditions for participation

Read the Conditions for Participation in Dutch or English.