Articles of Association

The Articles of Association are regulations of IRO for governing the rights and duties of the members.

In view of the current developments related to the transition from traditional energy sources to renewables, the Board of IRO proposed a change in the purpose and name of the Association to better reflect the versatility of the activities and capabilities of the IRO members.

During the Annual General Meeting on 24 November 2016 the proposal was presented to the members. However, as the required quorum of ordinary members with voting rights was not present at that time, the decision was postponed to a later meeting on 6 December 2016. During that meeting, the name change was accepted, meaning that the new name in the Articles of Association will be: ‘Vereniging Industriële Raad voor de Olie- en Gasindustrie en Offshore Renewable Industrie, afgekort IRO’.

For day-to-day business, IRO will use the name ‘Branchevereniging voor de Nederlandse Toeleveranciers in de Olie- en Gasindustrie en Offshore Renewable Industrie’ or in English ‘The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry and Offshore Renewable Industry”.

As of 2017, this change in both name and purpose, will result in IRO intensifying their efforts and activities related to offshore wind and other forms of marine renewable energy sources.

Articles of the Association