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Meet the Dutch suppliers in the Offshore Energy Industry

Wind & Water Works

Wind & Water Works is an initiative of branch organizations NWEA, HHWE, IRO, TKI-WoZ, NMT and the Ministries of Economic Affairs, Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Wind & Water Works enables the Dutch Government and the Dutch business sector to collectively export the successful Dutch approach to and expertise in offshore wind energy.

The Maritime Future is NOW!

This ground-breaking campaign has been developed in collaboration with and for the Dutch maritime sector and highlight innovative maritime projects. The Dutch maritime sector is eager to share its knowledge and expertise with its international partners. To do so, it has defined the following four pillars.

As the name of the campaign suggests: the maritime future is now, so let’s shape it together!

  • developing zero-emission and smart shipping
  • creating green, vibrant and connected port cities around the world
  • advancing the sustainable blue economy with healthy and productive oceans
  • acting as a green gateway to Europe

The maritime future is now, so let’s shape it together!