Amphibious Energy BV

Amphibious Energy BV

Amphibious Energy specialises in providing renewable energy to offshore platforms, and off-grid onshore locations. It has developed a transportable, autonomous Energy Container – the Energy Pod, that is powered by a specialised offshore wind turbine, and provides platforms with renewable energy.


The recent Oil and Gas industry downturn has forced the industry to be more cost effective in their daily operations offshore as well as onshore. The North Sea has also moved into its decommissioning phase, as infrastructure is outdated and fields are depleted. In addition, the industry has been under pressure due to the environmental impact of oil and gas production. These challenges call for new technologies that can help the industry in not only cutting their costs, but being autonomous and also more environmentally friendly. Amphibious Energy (AE) has focused on these challenges by developing a transportable, unique wind-driven Energy Pod that is durable, safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. The Energy Pod can provide continuous and/or peak load for the platforms, and can be remotely controlled via Sat-com.

Technical details

The Energy Pod consists of a unique wind turbine. This turbine generates energy which is stored into a series of battery packs via an inverter. Electricity is then distributed from the battery packs to any onboard system. The Energy Pod can also be connected to a diesel generator when additional power is required. The specialised, patent wind turbine and its unique brake system can operate under extreme conditions and still deliver peak energy. It will start generating energy with wind speeds of only 4m/s, and it functions optimally in turbulent as well as in laminar winds. The turbine can be fitted with a 3 or 5kW generator.

Energy Pod models

In addition to the Energy Pod with a single wind turbine, AE can also design and deliver larger and more advanced models if the required power or energy storage is higher. This will be a larger Energy Pod (20 or 40 feet), which can fit 2-4 wind turbines and multiple battery packs, and will produce 2-4 times more energy than the standard option. AE is also currently working on a Hybrid Energy Pod which, in addition to the wind turbine, will also include solar PV panels. This Hybrid Energy Pod is perfect for remote, off-grid onshore locations, for example Shale Gas and Oil Sand fields. All Energy Pods will have Sat-connection which gives the operator the opportunity to fully remote control the units from their own desktop.

Product range

  1. Energy Pod powered by wind energy only – Multiple configurations with 1 or more wind turbines
  2. Hybrid Energy Pod powered by wind and solar energy – Multiple configurations
  3. Energy Pod integrated with (existing) diesel generator set


Offshore installations

  • To run vital systems on unmanned non-operational, operational and/or decommissioned platforms
  • Platform lights and navigational systems
  • On-board emergency systems
  • Corrosion inhibitor pump motors
  • PLC SCADA systems
  • Small electro-hydraulic cranes for unmanned platforms
  • Backup power supply during maintenance intervals

Remote off-grid onshore locations

  • Research facilities
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Surveillance systems
  • Telemetry and SCADA at mining sites
  • Water filtrations and pump systems


    – Cuts fuel costs
    – Cuts maintenance costs due to long service intervals
    – Reduce the power-dump load
    – All materials used are offshore approved
    – Easy to transport
    – Can be used on multiple sites during its life time
    – 2 year service intervals
    – 10+ year life time
    – Reduces risks associated with the use of combustion engines onboard platforms
    – The enclosed wind turbine housing protects the safety of the crew, and prevents the rotating blades to cause sparks
    – The EMS can be monitored and controlled remotely by the operator
    – In case of system failure, the batteries will continue to deliver power for 12 days
    – 100% clean, renewable energy
    – Complies with regulations to protect the environment
    – Reduces carbon footprint
    – Wind turbine noise reduction (<40dB), due to unique blade design