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Althen Sensors & Controls

The Althen formula

If you are looking for high quality sensor solutions for an OEM, Test & Measurement or IIoT application, you have found the right partner. We supply measurement solutions to a large diversity of well-known companies within different industries. For the Offshore, Renewable energy and Oil & Gas sector we offer a special program that includes the state-of-the-art Fiber Optic Sensors, ATEX certified sensors and joysticks.

At Althen we understand that it often starts on a blank paper: a request to measure something or to solve a measurement problem. That is where our technical sales engineers come in. Years and years of experience and technical expertise allow them to be involved in the early engineering stage and find the solution that fits your needs. But that is not where it ends, we offer you complementary services as well: calibration, design & engineering, fast prototyping, product training and a SLA if needed. One of the benefits of working with Althen: we are with you every step of the way.

You will find our sensor & measurement solutions anywhere:

  • Offshore/heavy duty: oil & gas solutions, hoisting equipment, monitoring systems, cranes & crane load testing, fork lifts, weighing systems
  • Maritime/harbor: propeller shaft earthing, work boats, cargo ships
  • Renewable energy: wind turbine installation equipment, hyperloop
  • Civil engineering: grounds, bridges, dams, water drinking systems.
  • Medical: joystick to control MRI, C-Arm X-Ray, patient table.
  • Railway: analysis of wheel profile, disk wear and labor saving software
  • Agriculture/special vehicle: sprayers, forestry harvesters
  • Aviation: air data management, navigation systems
  • Robotics: operations, machinery maintenance
  • Automation: monitoring systems

Althen Sensors & Controls is a NEN-EN-ISO 9001 certified organization.