Amsterdam Industrial Design BV

Amsterdam Industrial Design BV

Amsterdam Industrial Design BV provide hands on consultancy regarding CE, ATEX, API, Mining legislation etc and produce Technical Documentation, like User Manuals.

We specialise in ship building and the off-shore industry.

FMEA, EHSR & Hazop

Amsterdam Industrial Design BV is expert in the field of EHSR, Risk Assessments, FME(C)A & HAZOP. We can facilitate and train engineers to deal with the equirements of producing the EHSR (Essential Hazard and Safety Report) and subsequently do the EN ISO 12100:2010 assessment and FME(C)A.

As independent consultants we can carry out inspections in the field of Declarations of Conformity, HAZOP’s or carry out any assessment required.

Compliance engineers and consultants

Amsterdam Industrial Design BV has a solid track record with regard to inspection and hands on engineering consultancy in the field of explosion safety, pressure vessels, machinery directive, API and (Dutch) mining legislation. If you need hands on assistance, we can help you out.

Technical documentation

Amsterdam Industrial Design bv is a one stop shop for all your technical documentation requirements.