Brady Corporation

Brady Corporation

Brady is a partner in safety and efficiency for oil, gas, wind and marine industries. Our solutions include Lockout/Tagout, spill control, pipe markers, cable markers, safety signage and label- and sign printing systems.

Safer maintenance
Lockout/Tagout makes maintenance operations safer by enabling efficient energy isolation of any machine. Maintenance professionals and their management hold the keys to re-energise machinery when maintenance is completed. Brady offers a complete solution, including on-site identification of your energy control points, machine specific procedure writing, all tools and padlocks, shadowboards for workplace tool distribution, and software to help manage lockout procedure updates, approval and communication.

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Increased efficiency
Brady offers a complete portfolio of facility, product and cable identification signs and labels in any shape, size, or colour. They offer great support in on-the-spot decision making, safety, component and product traceability and overall operational efficiency. Applications include instructional labels, barcoded labels, serialised labels, inventory management, wayfinding, safety signs, pipe marking, safe walking areas and storage area marking, all in line with 5S and Lean visual workplace principles.

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Reliable label materials
If you think a label could never keep assets identified in your working environment, you can never be sure before contacting Brady. Label and identification technology evolves constantly, and our customers in Energy, Marine, Chemical, Aerospace, Mass Transit, ICT and Laboratory industries help drive many, if not all of these innovations. Creating a label that for example stays attached and remains legible for 3 months in the sea, is just one exciting example of how our scientists and industry specialists can find an answer to your specific identification needs.

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Angelo Romano – Territory Sales Manager Netherlands

Tom Heemeryck – Territory Sales Manager Belgium