CLAFIS Ingenieus is a Dutch engineering consultancy with strong regional ties and a cross-sector client base. With over 450 employees based in eight offices across the Netherlands, we are a dynamic organization that is now ranked 17th out of the Top 50 engineering consultancies in the Netherlands.

Our approach is proactive, open and inclusive. By working as a team, we achieve the best results.

Always offering the best, most innovative and most ingenious is part of our DNA. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services.

Revealing the question behind the question is our added value. With our knowledge and expertise, we offer ingenious solutions to resolve our clients’ challenges.

Our services
We offer smart, technical solutions to resolve our clients’ challenges. From idea to finished product. Whatever our role: consultancy, engineering or project management, our aim is to find the best solution for our clients. What do they need? What service does the situation require? We dig deeper to successfully answer these questions in order to get the best result.

Oil & Gas
In response to the increasing global demand for energy, the oil and gas industry offers many challenges and opportunities in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.

Both nationally and internationally, CLAFIS manages a variety of projects in the oil & gas and sustainable energy sectors. Offering support during each phase, from design to construction and operations. From giving advice and managing the engineering to supplying process knowledge, taking care of the purchasing and conducting the project management. Activities are performed both onshore and offshore, and within the various up, mid and downstream activities for oil companies and contractors. CLAFIS has broad expertise and up-to-date knowledge in design, engineering, project management, construction, supervision, commissioning, operations and maintenance.

CLAFIS is also active in the sectors Chemicals, Energy & Distribution, Food & Pharma, Buildings, Geo, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Maritime and Water.

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