Conoship International

Conoship International

About Conoship International
We are an ambitious and innovative ship design and engineering office, founded in 1952, and dedicated to support our clients during all phases of the shipbuilding process. From the first board sketch up to the delivery of the ship. Innovation is crucial in shipping and shipbuilding. This believe has resulted in developing a large number of vessels which at the time of their launch were unique in the world. Since 1952 over 2,000 ships were built based on our designs operating all around the world.

Our added value
We have specialized in defining the crucial design requirements and finding the most optimal compromise between conflicting requirements. We can mould ideas into a design that actually can be built, is profitable, safe and meets all regulations. We have a strong focus on sustainability: reducing the fuel consumption and the weight, while maximizing intake, increases not only the profitability for our client but als reduces its ecological footprint.

About the Walk-to-Work Vessel Kroonborg

“A changing offshore world demands an innovative vessel”.

Based on this statement Conoship International developed for, and in close cooperation with Royal Wagenborg and Royal Niestern Sander a new type of specialized offshore support and maintenance / “Walk to Work” (W2W) vessel, named Kroonborg.

The Kroonborg distinguishes herself by means of:

  • High availability – operational for 300 days a year
  • Safety – operations in a significate wave height (Hs) up to 3.0 m. Meaning offshore crew can literally walk to work in almost all circumstances
  • Comfort – excellent seakeeping behavior and thereby avoiding seasickness
  • Environmental – an energy and environmental friendly vessel due to a low power and fuel consumption, and low noise and vibration thrusters
  • Innovative by combining many features

Kroonborg has won the KNVTS Ship of the Year Award 2015.