Acquiring knowledge during talkshows at Navingo Career Event

10-04-2019 Member news

Acquiring knowledge during talkshows at Navingo Career Event

Does the sailor of the future still need sea legs? Where are the opportunities of Internet of Things for the maritime industry? How sustainable is the maritime, offshore and energy sector? Themes that are discussed in the various talkshows at Community Square during the Navingo Career Event on May 23rd in the RDM Rotterdam – Onderzeebootloods.

Besides visiting the extensive exhibition floor where vacancies of more than 100 companies from the maritime, offshore and energy sector can be discovered, there’s lots of opportunities to gain knowledge during the Navingo Career Event. This is important, because innovations in the sector follow one another rapidly. But what do these developments mean for career perspectives? At Community Square, these themes are discussed. Experts talk to each other and the audience during each talkshow to about several themes that will radically change the industry in the upcoming years.

The reality of sustainability
Community Square is kicked off with the first talkshow ‘The reality of sustainability’. Sustainable entrepreneuring is no longer something only idealists do. Regulations and the market force companies to make greener choices. To which extent do old thinking patterns have to be unlearned, and is a new generation necessary to make any real changes? Does the current education system sufficiently connect to this? And how important is the sustainable image of a company for recruiting talent?

Digital transformation
Another theme that almost each company encounters, is digitalization. Together with Microsoft, the talkshow ‘ Digital Transformation’ is presented. What does the Internet of Things mean for the maritime sector? And do these developments influence the kind of jobs that will be offered? Eric van Uum, Technical Specialist within Microsoft’s World Wide Black Belt Team for IoT (Internet of Things) takes us with him and gives us a sneak peek into the future.

Sailor without sealegs
It is no longer the question if autonomous shipping will happen, but more so in which way, and what this means for working in the maritime sector. Will it kill the romance that is inseperably connected to our sector? Will the sailor of the future still need sealegs? Because autonomous shipping will take place mostly from shore. What will this work look like? And which skills do you need for this work? Both the new and older generations will take place to talk about this.

The vision of young professionals
During this talkshow, young professionals will speak about what they think are the most important things when it comes to their career. How do they look at the work-life balance, the development of softs skills and their influence on business operations? Several young professionals that work in the sector share their vision.

Heavy lifting: size does matter
Everything is getting bigger, heavier and deeper. But how big is big, and how does a project like that get tackled? ALE, Biglift, Boskalis and RollDock will be speaking and showcasing their projects. They take care of transporting the biggest materials every day.

Gaining more knowledge
Besides attending the talkshows, visitors can also gain knowledge at the workshops and case studies organized by top companies. Besides that, presentations can be seen at ‘The Stage’. Several professionals from various disciplines tread the stage to talk about their day to day activities and what it means to work in this adventurous sector.

Register for your visit
The Navingo Career Event is organized for the thirteenth year in a row and can be visited as of 10:00 am, and concludes with an afterparty. The Navingo Career Event is the largest career event of the maritime, offshore and energy sector in Europe. Free registration through