Boskalis posts higher revenue against lower full-year result in line with expectations



  • Revenue: EUR 2.6 billion
  • EBITDA: EUR 354 million
  • Operating result: EUR 119 million
  • Extraordinary charges: EUR 519 million
  • Net operating profit: EUR 83 million
  • Order book: EUR 4.3 billion
  • Dividend proposal: EUR 0.50 per share fully in cash


  • Dredging: reasonable market volume with stable margins
  • Offshore Energy contracting: good projects in the order book with interesting opportunities
  • Offshore Energy services: continued dependence on spot market for transport and diving with growth opportunities for survey
  • Towage: intended divestment of equity stake in Saam Smit Towage and Kotug Smit Towage; other activities stable

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis) closed 2018 with a lower result, in line with expectations. Net operating profit was EUR 83 million (2017: EUR 150 million). Including an almost entirely non-cash extraordinary charge of EUR 519 million there was a net loss of EUR 436 million.
Revenue rose 10% compared to the previous year to EUR 2.57 billion (2017: EUR 2.34 billion).
EBITDA equaled EUR 354 million and the operating result was EUR 119 million, both adjusted for extraordinary charges (2017: EBITDA EUR 437 million and EBIT EUR 185 million).
The lower result is mainly attributable to a sharp decline in the result at the Offshore Energy division, which posted an operating loss for the first half of 2018. In light of the poor prospects the decision was taken in the first half of the year to terminate the low-end transport activities within this division. Market conditions have also deteriorated for the harbor towage activities, mainly as a result of the consolidation among the large container shipping companies. Together these developments resulted in an extraordinary charge of EUR 519 million, almost entirely non-cash and consisting primarily of impairments of goodwill and vessels.

Dredging & Inland Infra had a relatively stable year. With a number of large works in progress in countries including India and Oman, supplemented by a large number of medium-sized projects, both revenue and the result rose by over 10%. Utilization of both the hopper fleet and the cutter fleet was slightly higher than in the previous year. The margin was stable compared to 2017 with the usual combination of results from ongoing works and from the financial settlement of projects completed earlier.

At Offshore Energy revenue rose 7% due to a strong contribution from the contracting activities and the addition of survey (Gardline). The strong decline in the division’s results was largely due to the deterioration at services. The winding-up of the loss-making transport activities at the low end of the market is proceeding according to plan. The transport and subsea activities had a difficult year and were loss-making on balance.

At Towage & Salvage the combined result, adjusted for extraordinary charges, was virtually stable. The contribution from Towage declined, mainly due to lower margins as a result of the consolidation among the large container shipping companies. The changed market situation prompted a strategic reorientation of the harbor towage joint ventures, which resulted in the proposed sale of the stakes in the Saam Smit Towage and Kotug Smit Towage joint ventures. Salvage had a busy year with two large contracts, including the successful salvage of the ultra-large container vessel Maersk Honam. Together with numerous smaller contracts this resulted in higher revenue and an increased result.

Boskalis’ financial position continues to be strong, with a solvency ratio of 56% and a modest net debt position of EUR 131 million.
The order book, excluding our share in the order book of joint ventures and associated companies, increased by 23% to EUR 4.29 billion (end-2017: EUR 3.50 billion).

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. has published both its Annual Report 2018 and its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report 2018.

Our ambition is to continue to lead our industry in a sustainable way and to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. Reporting on our progress and sharing our experience is an important part of achieving this ambition. In addition to our annual report, we are proud to publish the tenth edition of our CSR Report.

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