Launch IRO Sustainability Community

22-04-2021 IRO Nieuws, Duurzaamheid

Launch IRO Sustainability Community

Today, the 22nd of April, Earth Day 2021, is a special day. 51 years after its inception, much has changed.

You could say that markets are transforming for the better and that should make us smile on this Earth Day. It is true, change is all around us, and results are already impressive. To maintain this positive energy and to further accelerate our circular approach, we will launch the IRO Sustainability Community.

We would like to support you in your efforts to contribute to a more sustainable future. Not just in the field of energy transition, but also with circular manufacturing, sustainable design & engineering and in general making all our human operations planet proof.

What can you expect from this Community a.o.:

• Inspirational use-cases, most read
• Best practices / success stories
• Buddy program initiative
• Lunch-&-learns
• Share training content
• SDG of the month
• Quick Member polls to hear your voice and improve our content sharing

Your contribution on the other hand, is also vital for the success of this community.
We sincerely hope you will join this community with your own contributions, energy, inspiration and share what you think is valuable.

Please go to and join!


The IRO Sustainability Community
Meike Kolthof – Heerema Marine Contractors / Young IRO
Femke Perlot-Hoogeveen – Deloitte
Dieuwertje Smallenburg – Deep BV
David Buschman – Finturi
Sven Kramer – Van Oord
Thijs Kamphuis – DOB Academy / Young IRO
Vincent Doedee – Heerema Marine Contractors
Alexander van Noort – OrangeBeak Penguin Strategic Design (Chair)
Tjerk Suurenbroek – IRO