OTC Around The World – The Netherlands 2021

06-09-2021 Duurzaamheid, IRO Nieuws

OTC Around The World – The Netherlands 2021

“Embracing the energy transition – The Dutch approach”

The Netherlands is taking part in a global effort to develop a low CO2 energy economy that is safe, reliable and affordable. We are currently dependent on fossil fuels for almost 90% of our energy supply. During the coming decades, fossil fuels will continue to play a role in the energy system, but they will decrease in importance and new energy sources are needed. In the North Sea, the offshore energy sector is in transition from offshore oil and gas production towards offshore wind, marine energy, hydrogen and more. Furthermore, CCS in offshore aquifers and depleted fields is being developed.

The majority of the Dutch offshore energy sector is undertaking efforts to enhance and speed up the much needed transition, by using their extensive knowledge and expertise that they have built from traditional offshore activities.

Our strategy is focused on a responsible transition towards a sustainable and reliable energy mix, that will lead to achieving the Paris goals.

This session highlights the roadmap The Netherlands has set out to a future-proof sustainable offshore energy supply system.

Separate presentations: 

Pieter van Oord

Rene Peters

Bas Buchner

Jacqueline Vaessen

Lex de Groot